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how to get more google reviewsIn my 20 years of working with small businesses helping them use the Internet to grow their business, lately the number one question has revolved around online reviews.

Several times a year I set aside some time and put together a valuable piece of information to help small business owners with their online marketing.

I hope the free eBook will help you understand the concept behind online reviews and give you some great tips to setting up your own review collecting plan of action

Online Reviews are the new ‘Word of Mouth’ for small businesses!

The truth is, the enormous growth of smart phones and instant search has totally changed the way consumers search for local businesses.   We now live in the “when I need it” marketing age.

The main thing small businesses need to understand is that once these consumers find a local business online they usually go right to the reviews. What they read about your business will factor in as to whether they choose to do business with you.

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Online Reviews are the New Word of Mouth!

Does your business have a plan when it comes to getting more online reviews?

Now that you know that how people choose a local business has changed dramatically over the past 5 years, you need to take action. The continued growth of smart phone use and easy access to the internet regardless of where they are, consumers are doing their research on the fly. What people say about you has a huge effect on whether you will get their business!

The ability to be online at all times in any location has empowered potential customers to be much more selective regarding who they choose to spend their money with. Once they find local businesses through their search efforts they immediately check out the reviews to see what others think about your business.

In fact, a recent survey by Zendesk discovered that 90% of respondents claimed that positive reviews they found online affected their decision to use that business, and 86% said that negative reviews also influenced their decision.

Like it or not, your ability to harness the power of getting good reviews from satisfied customers will have a dramatic effect on how well your business obtains new customers and clients.

How Can you Build a 5 Star Reputation Online?

This is a question I get everyday from small business owners that are frustrated regarding getting more reviews. I also hear from business owners that are hampered by a few negative reviews that are hurting their business.

The fact is, if you get a negative review and do not offset it with positive reviews, interested prospects only get a negative perception about your business and go elsewhere. Even if you run a stellar business, those few negative reviews can seriously hurt you if you choose to ignore them.

As more and more consumers rely on online reviews to determine which local businesses to use, it is important that you have a plan of action now for your business.

Many successful local businesses admit that having a solid review collecting plan has helped them attract more new customers to their business.

If you are serious about improving your online reputation and learning how to create a powerful review gathering strategy for your local business, you should download our Free eBook right now!

“Discover important Tips and Tricks to Help Your Business Get More Google Reviews from Clients and Customers!”

Find out how successful small business owners are generating an endless stream of 5 Star Reviews using simple yet effective review collecting tactics.

If you are a small business owner and have questions regarding your current online presence and want to improve your exposure in the search engines please do not hesitate to fill out the form on the side of this page and I will do a Free analysis and tell you where you need to improve! 


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