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Put Your Small Business On Top of the Search Engines, Generate More Leads and Attract More Customers using the Power of Local Search Marketing!

Ignore all the Hype about Local Internet Marketing. Let’s keep this really simple!

  • You need more customers. To attract more customers you need to find out where they are searching and put your message in front of them.
  • Most People search online, primarily Google to find local businesses when they need them.
  • People use specific keyword phrases to find what they are looking for. Although there are a few keyword phrases that dominate in your specific industry, there are also dozens of other keywords prospective customers will use. Some people type in specific keyword phrases, others type in questions.
  • You either come up in the Google search result pages or you don’t. The higher on the Google results page your business appears, the more opportunities you will get. The more keywords you effectively target, the more chances you have to attract new customers.
  • Your message determines whether they choose to contact you, take action, or simply move on to a better offer. Just because you rank high in Google doesn’t mean people will do business with you.
  • Finally… although Google is always changing the rules there are fundamental rules that have never changed and if you adhere to them you will see long term success.

The dirty little secret about Local Internet Marketing…. most Local Internet Marketing services have a huge shot gun list of marketing services and tools to offer you. It can be very confusing when it comes to knowing what you need to be successful.

Many of these Local Internet Marketing companies claim that they have cracked the secret Google code to getting page 1 rankings. In reality… there is no secret Google code to crack.

The Local Internet Marketing services we use are very powerful and effective designed specifically to help you attract new customers in your local market.

No tricks, no gimmicks here. Just good old fashioned hard work, giving Google what they want.

Yes, you heard us right. Good old fashioned, roll up the sleeves, search engine marketing techniques that work even when Google changes the rules.

Why Do Our Local Internet Marketing Techniques Work?

We have been using Local Internet Marketing for small businesses and our own websites for over 19 years. That’s right 19 years. Although much has changed over the years and much more will change in the coming years, there are some core principles that have always worked and still work today.

Google local seoStop looking for the magic bullet to page one of Google!

How many times have you heard some Local Internet Marketing service tell you they have discovered the secret Google sauce or even go as far as offering page 1 guarantees.

It sounds great at the time, but 3 months later and no results, you have wasted valuable time and money.

What good is a Google page one guarantee if they don’t deliver customers?

Think about it. You get promised page 1 Google results and they target keywords that don’t deliver customers.

SEO scams to avoid local internet marketing

Watch Out For SEO Phone Call Scams!


For the past several years some local search companies have been using telemarketing and robo-calls to scam small business owners into thinking they work for Google.

They tell you that your Google business listing is going to be suspended or is not claimed and then proceed to scam you out of money to supposedly fix it and get you to page one.

Watch this video for a complete review of these Google business listing phone scams and how to avoid getting ripped off!

Let’s get one thing straight right here, right now!

Google is not going to call you to warn you about your local listing. Anyone that claims to work directly with or for Google is lying to you and you should immediately hang up the phone. Do not fall for their slick sales pitches!

Beware of too good to be true SEO scams that make big promises and take your money. Over the past 2 years we have seen a huge influx of Local SEO services that focus more on acquiring new clients and less on delivering results.

Sure, there are a lot of really good local search engine specialists but they don’t go around making wild claims or pretend they have a friend at Google.

We have one Local Internet Marketing package and only one. It is not cheap, yet it is priced way below most of the over priced Local Search Marketing services out there and it works for local businesses. We charge per location so if you have multiple locations it will cost more.

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