What Is a Google Places Citation

What is a Google Citation? Are Google Citations important for gaining a higher ranking in Google Local Search? One of the most asked questions I get from small business owners trying to get top rankings in Google Local Search results is; I keep hearing that I need lots of Google citations to get better rankings … [Read More…]

3 Big Mistakes Small Business Owners Make With Their Website

It is a well known fact that website visitors will judge you and your business in a matter of seconds. Your website is a representation of what you do and who you are. A poorly designed or hard to understand website is a bad reflection on your business, and most potential customers will simply leave and … [Read More…]

Are You Targeting the Right Keywords to Attract Customers?

You probably already know that when potential customers are looking for a product or service they go to a search engine and type in keywords. Keyword searches come in many forms. Some searchers type in simple 2-3 word phrases, while others may type in full questions. Google must then determine what the searcher is looking … [Read More…]

Local Online Marketing for Small Business

What is Local Internet Marketing? In the most general sense we can define internet marketing as using online marketing techniques to generate sales and/or capture leads from potential or current customers that are online looking for products or services. Local internet marketing is the process of targeting your local area only to generate business. 15 … [Read More…]