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Google Local Search

Why Understanding Google Local Search Has Become Impossible for Most Small Business Owners. If you are small business owner or maybe you are a large company with multiple locations around the country you may have noticed that Google Plus Local also known as Google Places, and Google Maps has gotten a little crazy! Your Local … [Read More…]

6 SEO Tips For Plastic Surgeons

Local SEO and Plastic Surgery As a 19 year local SEO professional, I am blessed to be able to work with many types of small businesses from all over the planet. One thing is certain, local Internet marketing has gone through some enormous changes in just a few short years. Online marketing techniques that worked 1 … [Read More…]

Your Small Business Cannot Ignore Google Plus Local

Is Using Google Plus Local Really That Important For Your Small Business? I recently had a conversation with an extremely frustrated small business owner who had his old Google Places page completely disappear when Google made their big move to Google Plus Local. He was wondering if it was worth the effort to join the … [Read More…]

If Your Small Business Website is Not Generating Leads… Fire It!

If Your Local Website is Not Making You Money, it is Costing You Money! Do You Tolerate Lazy, Non Performing Employees? Imagine hiring a new sales rep and all they did all day is sit around and never talk to prospects or close deals. What would you do? Chances are you would fire them and … [Read More…]

YouTube Video Marketing For Local Business

 How can your Small Business use YouTube Video Marketing to Attract More Customers? As a Local Internet marketing consultant, I look at hundreds of small business websites every month. Although, many small business are starting to realize the importance of having a solid online marketing plan that centers around a content management system (CMS) website, … [Read More…]

Why Before and After Pictures Can’t Match Video

Does Your Small Business Website Have Before and After Pictures? If you answered yes, you may be missing a huge opportunity to actually turn your photo gallery into new customers!  You probably already know that interested prospects want to see what you have done for others before making a decision. There is nothing more powerful … [Read More…]

Remove Negative Reviews with Reputation Management

How Can You Remove Negative Reviews and Handle Angry Customers in the Digital Age?   How to handle negative reviews online! Not very long ago dissatisfied customers would typically complain to a manager, write a letter, tell everyone they know when they felt they were treated unfairly or had a bad experience with a particular … [Read More…]